For both the new and seasoned investor looking for the ultimate investment destination, Guam USA is your “Business Smart Destination”. Guam offers many business advantages and opportunities. We invite you to explore these elements that contribute to Guam’s economy as the island prepares and continues to develop for the next phase of economic growth in the region.

Guam has two primary pillars in its economy, which are Tourism and Military. While tourism has been the primary driver of the island’s economy for the last three decades, the government of Guam and leaders in the private sector have jointly made aggressive strides in creating an environment conducive to the development of other industries, such as financial services, telecommunications and transportation. The other pillar of our economy, the US Military, is currently making tremendous amounts of investment into Guam. This is due in part to the transfer of the Okinawa based Marines and their families to the island. In addition, the military will be constructing many new facilities to accommodate this increased growth in the Pacific Rim.

As you journey through the site, we hope that you will find the business resources you need to assist you with considering Guam as an investment opportunity. We also hope that you will appreciate the beauty of our island, the value of our culture and traditions, and our aspirations for the future.