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Explore Louisiana’s Key Industries

Traditional and emerging industries are growing in Louisiana. A highly productive and motivated workforce, low taxes, unrivaled infrastructure and logistics, a pro-business climate and the nation’s best workforce recruitment and training program provide a competitive advantage.


A favorable income tax and strong infrastructure provide the resources companies need to thrive in Louisiana.


Unrivaled infrastructure, highly skilled workforce and competitive incentives are fueling Louisiana’s thriving aerospace industry.


Innovative research centers and a wealth of raw materials aid a billion-dollar agriculture industry.


Low tax burdens for new operations and aggressive incentives create new opportunities for the automotive industry.


Strong infrastructure, workforce, logistics and regulations present an ideal situation for energy companies.


Incentives in digital media, live performance, motion picture and sound propel a billion-dollar industry.


Highly skilled talent and an abundance of natural resources make Louisiana a smart choice for the process industries.


Software companies are taking notice of Louisiana courtesy of the strongest incentives in the U.S.


Expertise in water management combined with geography make Louisiana a thriving market for exploration.

About Louisiana’s Office of International Commerce

Louisiana’s Office of International Commerce (OIC) drives initiatives focused on attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), increasing trade volumes and expanding manufacturing activity within the state. Leveraging its business-friendly policies, an abundance of talent, a unique culture and an unrivaled infrastructure, Louisiana has attracted more foreign direct investment per capita than any other state since 2008.

In recent years, the state has become a U.S. leader in foreign direct investment attraction and a key trade and investment destination for international companies. Louisiana provides a gateway to 38 interior states and grants manufacturers unmatched access to worldwide markets through the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, the state has seven designated Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ), providing foreign companies with customs-free options for the import, manufacture or reshipment of goods.

The OIC team includes representatives throughout the world covering Canada, China, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Together, the international team showcases Louisiana’s value proposition to potential investors and traders across the globe.

OIC is a division of Louisiana Economic Development (LED), a department of the government of the State of Louisiana.The Louisiana Board of International Commerce (LaBIC) provides strategic advice and guidance to the OIC. For more information, contact the OIC.